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There is no better way to showcase my products than in your home. 
Announcing the "Lifestyle Photographer" Contest! I'm looking for amazing photo submissions of any of my products. 
What I'm looking for: 
• Bright and clear photos
• Naturally styled (In hands, bowls, next to bath tubs, on vanity tables, styled in fantastic jars)
• Any format, as long as it can be cropped square. I use many formats, so a broad spectrum helps me!

• Must use my products
•No other brands visible (ie don't use Lush products as a prop)
•18+ to enter, or with parental permission
•No purchase necessary

Disclaimers and Other Notes:
•1080p recommended
•No limit on submissions
•By submitting an image, you are allowing us to use your image on our website, social media, and print in perpetuity. 
•By accepting a prize, you are relinquishing your rights to the photo.
•I may add a watermark on each photo with a credit to you. ie"Photo provided by customer, Lindsey"  

•Prizes will be awarded for each photo used. 
• $10 store credit per image used
• Limit of $100 in store credit awarded per month.

Contest ends:
The contest may end at any time.

To Enter: 
Email images to

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